Dieting is the only game, where you win, when you lose…!

The need to stay healthy and fit is on the rise and “” is trying to stay at pace with it. To those of you who have never imagined getting the best quality salads, soups, sundals, coconut milk & veg smoothies right at your doorstep, need to get acquainted with our services. We have touched the lives of thousands of people and wish to reach out to everyone who wishes to enjoy a better life. Allow us and our home-based catering services to reach your tables. assure you that once you get a taste for healthy food you will never go back.

One stop shop for your salad needs , we had been Saladaa consumers since their inception and never once had I got salad left over when I am back late from office.
We as a family are very proud that we got to know Vijay and Sindhu , we wish them both the very best in their passion that has become a business venture!

Suresh Kumar
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