Insulin Resistance

Insulin is extremely dangerous and given as a medication for diabetics may not be appropriate. Sugar is only a symptom of the underlying cause called insulin resistance. In fact, all lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes, Obesity Hypertension, Thyroid and Cholesterol are symptoms of the underlying insulin resistance. It is therefore only logical to treat insulin resistance rather than keeping the symptoms under control.

Insulin or any other drug prescribed for lifestyle diseases cause diabetes. In Type 1 diabetics, insulin cures the condition. In Type 2 diabetics, insulin causes the condition. High insulin in the body makes it susceptible to cholesterol, heart disease, hypertension and even cancer. Statins prescribed to lower bad cholesterol leads to many side effects such as liver disorder, muscle cramps and memory loss.

Our diet is around 90% carbohydrates which is nothing but an assembly of glucose. Carbs we consume are broken down to glucose and enters our bloodstream. At any given point of time, our body has the capacity to tolerate only about one teaspoons of sugar.

1 slice of bread contains 3 tsp sugar, so you can imagine the amount of excess sugar we consume through the day. To handle this large influx of sugar, pancreas is driven to produce more insulin. This insulin is driven into the cells for energy and the remaining is stored in the muscles, liver or converted to fat.

When insulin opens the receptor door in the tissues, glucose enters the tissues and used up for energy. By consuming more food, we produce more energy and after the tissues are satisfied. The excess energy is driven to the storehouse. While muscles and liver have limited storage, unlimited amount of fat can be stored in our bodies.

When too much insulin starts being produced in our bodies, after a while, insulin stops working efficiently which means the body becomes resistant to insulin. This condition is known as insulin resistance. This is a vicious cycle that starts years before the actual problem manifests.

Type 2 Diabetes:

Type 2 diabetes is NOT blood sugar, but body sugar!!! That is high sugar in the blood and inside the tissues.
So while treating the objective is to get both the sugars (blood and tissue) down. Conventional treatment focuses in managing blood sugars alone with medications (sulfonylureas , insulin and TZD) which drive the blood sugar into the tissues. In this scenario both the insulin and sugar (in tissues) are high, causing immense damage.!!!

So the way forward is to get both sugar and insulin down, by reducing the Carbs intake, when the sugar inflow is reduced and consequently the insulin.

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