God gave us the gift of life
It is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.

Inspired by Personal Experience

Vijay & Sindhu.


Our Story

Vijay & Sindhu are ardent followers of Low Carb-High Fat (LCHF) diet, popularly known as Keto Diet since November 2015. They were trying various methods to lose weight. It was Dr. S. Vijayaraghavan who introduced them to the concept of LCHF diet. They were delighted to see the positive changes within a matter of six months. Having reaped the benefits, Sindhu wanted to see the same change in people around her, which motivated her to write a cookbook with delicious LCHF recipes. Within a short period her book is a big success. You can check it out in Amazon.in, “Sindhu’s LCHF Cook Book” She did not stop there but moved on to get trained by the doctor S. Vijayaraghavan on LCHF diet consulting. Under the doctor’s guidance, she started helping patients deal with diabetes, obesity, hypertension, thyroid, and cholesterol disorders. Having experienced the goodness from this diet, Vijay started reading the benefits of low carb diet and initiated to spread the good message across many people.

Their team reached few thousands of people across the world with efforts on social media to move them forward with a healthy standard of living. The idea of Saladaa.com arose due to requests from many of their clients for homemade foods. Raw vegetables are rich in nutrients, minerals, fibers, and vitamins that are exactly what you need to stay healthy and fit. That motivated both to conceptualize delivering freshly made salads, soups, smoothies, sauerkraut, sundals, and coconut milk to people doorstep. We are pleasantly surprised with the great response and are immensely grateful to our subscribers for their positive feedback.

We congratulate you on taking the first step towards a healthier and happier life. You are already on this page, which means you are health conscious.

Dieting is the only game, where you win, when you lose. . .

“Preparing the mind is most important before being involved in an activity. Believe in it and act as if it has happened already.”

- Guruji Mithresiva

Who Is Saladaa

Our goal is to serve at least 1 lakh people a day and expand this net of good health, joy and vibrant life.

We strive to educate people on the benefits of Low Carb Healthy Fat diet in an effort to inspire them to stay on track and lead a satisfying life.

To understand the science behind the diet is of paramount importance, preparing the mind before getting into action. What you are doing becomes meaningful only if you know why you are doing it. We assure that best quality food reaches your table – this is the promise that SALADAA gives you with 100% confidence.
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4 Pillars of Health

We, most of us take resolution to lose weight, eat healthy and get fit. But a majority of high minded health goals are abandoned because most health connected resolutions are too big and too obscure to accomplish indeed. Thus aim merely however is specific. Usually people suppose the diet means that uptake less, eat to time and count calories. However it’s of not uptake less rather concentrates on uptake right. People assume that addressing the diet alone helps to manage obesity, diabetes, cholesterol and other life style issues.

Eat Well


Feed your gut with right foods.
Eat only when you are hungry,
Stop after you feel

Move Well


Try to be move physically each day and your body can many thanks later. In easy terms, use stair cases rather than lifts.

Sleep Well


Sleep is a component of our system. You must have a sound sleep between 10.30 pm to 03.00 am.

Relax Well


It is not what quantity we’ve, however what quantity we tend to relish, that creates happiness. Keep calm and be relaxed.

However we need to deal with the above 4 points for a complete solution


SALADAA is a dream come true for me, Vijay and my wife Sindhu. For the past five years, our family is on the Low Carb Healthy Fat diet with ground breaking health and weight loss results. Our intense desire to share our experience with as many people as possible resulted in the launching of this exciting venture in September 2018. We shared our knowledge with as many people as possible to bring about a positive change in their lives. Interacting with people over a period of time, Sindhu and I realized that even though most of them understood the concept, in reality, they were quite lost as to what to cook on a daily basis. To address this issue, Sindhu decided to carefully create her first cook book.

Eventually, I could not resist the temptation. I gave up my job and joined Sindhu in sharing our experience with people and spreading the valuable message of good health. Our team have successfully helped thousands of people achieve their health goals and lead a medicine-free life.

We also launched SALADAA with the sole aim of motivating people to stick to their diet with utmost ease.