The disclaimer in our website declares that the terms and conditions that are a part of is mutually agreed upon by everyone who does business with us. Our website clearly describes the warnings, expectations, and specifies everything in detail to the public. We owe a duty to those who choose us over other services. There are different types of disclaimers that you can find everywhere. Some speak of terms that try to reduce the impact of a damage after the harm has been caused. And, there are plenty of others too.

That is what disclaimers are all about. Differences in uniformity, terms as well as conditions. They vary depending on the people and the context involved. Other disclaimers are only a bunch of rules that are never changed, and when that is done it requires official authority.

The points that our Disclaimer Policy covers.
There are no warranties of any kind.
We are not bound to any form of liability.
There are a few exceptions.

Every piece of information in this website is meant for the use of general reasons. The information in this website walks hand in hand with our business. Every step is taken in order to keep the information complete and free from every error, still there are no warranties that you can get in words or kind. The customer should place his or her reliability on the website at their own risk.

Under no circumstances, our website or business will be liable to any form of loss, damage or injury. There might be certain links present on our websites from time to time. But, the customers should keep in mind we are not endorsing those brands under any circumstances.

We have only one aim and our efforts are directed towards the running of the website smoothly. Nevertheless, will not take any kind of responsibility regarding any direct or indirect damage caused temporarily or permanently to the user. This is beyond our control.