What you get from us?

We have weekly / monthly subscription plans for lunch and dinner with various combo’s to enable people to eat the right foods consistently. We offer food for the day covering all varieties of salads, soups and smoothies.

All our foods including salad dressings are completely homemade without any preservatives / additives, colours, flours, sweeteners, or added flavours. As a new concept, we also use most of our country vegetables like amla, ash gourd, bottle gourd, pumpkin, etc., in our Salads.

We take only pre-orders, a day in advance to ensure providing fresh vegetables every day and to avoid food wastage. Our salad combo’s can be ordered here with delivery available within 5 kms radius from T.Nagar.

Dieting is the only game, where you win, when you lose...

The need to stay healthy and fit is on the rise and “Saladaa.com” is trying to stay at pace with it. To those of you who have never imagined getting the best quality salads, soups, sundals, coconut milk & veg smoothies right at your doorstep, need to get acquainted with our services.

We have touched the lives of thousands of people and wish to reach out to everyone who wishes to enjoy a better life. Allow us and our home-based catering services to reach your tables. Saladaa.com assure you that once you get a taste for healthy food you will never go back.

Why is health the key to everything?

To enjoy the beauty that lies in life you have to be healthy. Rather than running around doctors and spending your hard-earned income on medicines, it is now time to take your health seriously. Improve your health by following the healthy path.

Everyone one of us is surrounded by way too much stress, anxiety and pressure. How are we supposed to cope up with it if we are not healthy? So, imbibe the blessing of good health in your life by making the necessary changes in it.

Physical activity and a healthy diet can go a long way.

LCHF Diet and the benefits of it

It is time to part your ways with carbohydrates and start living a life that is high on fat and low on carbohydrates. The benefits of this diet are way too many to keep on track. It will effectively help you to lead a healthier life that is free from the dangers of every disease. More than often people feel that a diet is supposed to make them starve with hunger but that won't be the case. You will always feel satiated and within no time you will see an apparent loss of weight.

We have been on this diet for more than three years now and the benefits that we have gained is beyond our belief. The LCHF diet is the ultimate diet that you can follow with ease and reap the benefits it has in store for you.

Don't shy away from vegetables

Want to live a happy life? Then, don't turn away from those vegetables that have the power to provide you with one. Being rich in nutrients, mineral, fibres, and vitamins they are exactly what you need to stay healthy and fit. Our ancestors were known for the kind of life they lived. The benefits that vegetables brought about in their lives is still worth remembering and following.

If you have made up your mind to walk on the path that leads to peace and happiness then it is us you should choose. With our homemade salads, soups, sundals, coconut milk & veg smoothies we can meet all the criteria needed for good health. So, are you ready to be healthy and happy?

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