Did you know that Vitamin D is commonly referred as sunshine vitamin? It is produced by our body as a form of response when it comes in contact with the sun. There are endless number of benefits that Vitamin D offers to our body. From being effective on diabetes to cancer and multiple sclerosis – the endless list of benefits doesn’t end. Regardless of the name, it is crucial for you to understand that Vitamin D isn’t a vitamin it is more of a pre-hormone. Vitamins aren’t produced by our body instead they need to be consumed. But, in the case of Vitamin D it is synthesized by the body when the sunlight hits our skin. Sufficient Vitamin D is produced in sufficient amount if your skin is exposed to the sun 10 minutes thrice a week. The level of Vitamin D runs low in our body especially during the winter season.

Why is Vitamin D so important for us?
Take a look at the kind of health benefits that Vitamin D has and you shall realize how important it is for us. It has a significant impact on our brain, health, and overall body.

It improves our immunity:-

Did you know that the Vitamin D receptors are present all over your body? This includes the immune cells too. The deficiency of Vitamin D causes flu and cold outbreaks. Lower immunity levels are experienced especially during the winters because of less sunlight outside.

Healthier and stronger bones:-

The role that Vitamin D plays in keeping us healthy and fit is quite impressive. It helps in the regulation of calcium which is extremely crucial to maintain healthy bones. Vitamin D also maintains level of phosphorus in our blood. If our body didn’t have adequate supply of Vitamin D, the intestines won’t be able to absorb the calcium and reclaim it. The deficiency of vitamin D in kids is the cause of rickets. Softening of bones or osteomalacia in adults is caused due to the same reason. This further results in muscular weakness and low bone density. Osteoporosis is a very common type of bone disease that is seen in older men and post-menopausal women.

You can keep the risk of diabetes at bay:-

According to several studies it can be concluded that there is a direct link between type 2 diabetes and levels of vitamin D. Patients who are suffering from type 2 diabetes show inadequate levels of vitamin D in their body. This has a direct effect on the glucose tolerance and insulin secretion. The risk of type 2 diabetes goes way down if the level of Vitamin D is maintained in the body.

You will be in a better mood:-

Scientific evidence suggests how your mood is affected by Vitamin D. Individuals with lower levels of Vitamin D feel blue. A lower level of Vitamin D is also associated with higher rates of depression. D3 promotes positive changes at cellular level such as “switching on” immunoprotection